Email Marketing - Ambrose Media

Why it’s important to invest in reaching the right inbox

Build Community

Create a community that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have their best interest because of the value you add.

Grow Brand Awareness

Consistently get your brand in front of the right who in your industry to establish yourself as a leading brand.

Convert More

Add another potential revenue channel to your business.

Our Email Marketing Process


Market research related to your industry.

Campaign Set-up

Our team will create campaigns that cultivate a unique experience for your targeted who.

Optimize and Manage

We continually optimize the campaigns and manage the data and make the tweaks that are needed to achieve the best results.

A list of email marketing activities that we perform

Strategy – Building a successful campaign

  • Choosing Goals

    We will help you set goals in order to run a successful email marketing campaign. That entails discovering your ideal who and ways to boost engagement with existing and new subscribers.

  • Build a Strategically Targeted Email List

    Our creative and content team will build a targeted email list by driving traffic to your website and turn them into subscribers.

  • Campaign Creation

    We build the proper campaigns using successful strategies that have been proven in today’s email marketing landscape. We have accrued all of the data and build a comprehensive email marketing campaign using only hard data and facts from our research.

Strategy – Ongoing optimizations

  • Campaign Optimization

    We constantly monitor every campaign that we run to ensure we catch even the smallest of details in order to constantly put your campaign in position to be on the up and up with your existing and new subscribers.

  • A/B Testing

    We ALWAYS run A/B tests on all of our campaigns. By testing campaigns against each other, it helps us identify exactly what verbiage and call to action (CTA) is performing the best. Once we have run the A/B test for each campaign, we then create a new A/B test to run against the winning campaign.

  • Reporting

    We provide weekly and monthly reports directly to your email. However, our reporting is designed to keep you aware of all of the progress that the campaign is generating weekly and then a consolidated monthly report to review with your project manager.