Social Media Advertising | Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube Ads Management

Why it’s important to target your “WHO”

Identify Your Who

Identify Your Who

We help you identify who your true who is in your industry.

Increase Lead Generation

Increase Lead Generation

Our researched-backed and data-driven campaigns get more of your “who’s” to come to you.

Convert Targeted Traffic

Convert Targeted Traffic

Our team’s skill set is to not just bring more people to your site or landing page, but to get them to convert.

Facebook Advertising

Connect, Share & Inspire Your Audience

Facebook’s advertising platform is only 2nd behind Google. This service gives your organization the ability to create and grow brand awareness in the digital world. It also provides the ability to improve lead generation and revenue. Facebook has a massive audience with more than 2 billion monthly active users, while also containing one of the most advanced and high-tech targeting options to reach your true “who.”

Linkedin Advertising

Network, Educate & Promote Your Brand

LinkedIn has grown from a small networking platform to one of the most powerful platforms for businesses. With an audience base of more than half a billion, your business has the ability to effectively reach other professional clients. This advertising platform isn’t just here to stay, it’s going to be a dominant player for years to come.

Pinterest Advertising

Craft, Include & Share with Your Audience

Were you aware that Pinterest has more than 250 million active users? This platform presents a unique opportunity for your business and brand to generate leads interested in what you have to offer as a service or product. This avenue channel enables you to reach potential customers or clients for your business as well as the ability to take advantage of a platform that doesn’t have over saturation from a media buying standpoint.


Instagram Advertising

Create, Involve & Motivate Your Followers

Is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world and is owned by the largest social platform – Facebook. Using this platform to advertise your business is one of the most important additions you can implement into your digital strategy. We know first-hand how important it is to create ads that are eye-catching but also heavily researched backed.

YouTube Advertising

Inform, Invite & Communicate with Internet users

Did you know that YouTube has 2 billion, with a “b”, logged-in monthly users? Many people go to YouTube for their entertainment and Television replacement. It’s imperative that your business is taking advantage of the eyeballs that YouTube brings in. With the everchanging algorithm our YouTube marketing experts will put your business in front of your proper and ideal “who” to bring awareness to your brand and increase leads.

Twitter Advertising

Engage, Entertain & Notify Your Followers

Twitter’s user base consists of 336 million monthly active users. Even though they don’t contain the same popularity as maybe an Instagram or Facebook, they are still a social media juggernaut. Our team of Twitter marketing experts will be able to sift through the mass amounts of Tweets filling the feed and find your ideal customer or client to make sure your brand is seen and your voice is heard.

Our Social Media Ads Process



We conduct thorough market and competitor analyses to determine where your business stands within the social media landscape.



We determine exactly what your goals are (leads, sales, ROI) and create a full creative marketing strategy based on factual data that will outline the exact methods we will implement to attain our goals.



We build and launch our ads with specific promotions, conversion optimization and our “WHO” as the focus. Our implementation strategies are always based on delivering value to the target market.

Optimize, Monitor & Test

Optimize, Monitor & Test

We consistently create new content, A/B test, optimize our ads, test headlines, test copy, test videos/images, ad types, monitoring ad placement and evaluate statistics that will improve our overall campaign (day of week, time of day, demographics).

Here is a list of social media advertising activities that we perform to generate leads and sales.

Ad Campaign Optimizations – Building highly targeted Ad Campaign

  • Game Planning

    We determine your exact goals, such as lead generation, sales, ROI, timeline and expectations. We determine the exact target market, online competition and market share we are going to capture. This allows us to identify your true who. We determine what paid strategies would best fulfill your goals.

  • Research & Strategy

    We conduct thorough market and competitor analyses to determine exactly where your company exists in the digital landscape of your industry. We accrue hard data and facts. No guessing or opinions. We then build a strategy with exact services, target audience, market, budget (monthly & daily ad spend), and network/platform to execute the campaign.

  • Campaign Creation

    We build the proper campaigns using successful strategies that have been proven in today’s SMA landscape. We have accrued all of the data and build a comprehensive SMA campaign using only hard data and facts from our research.

Landing Page Optimizations – Building highly convertible landing pages

  • Landing Page Optimization/Final URLs

    The landing page that we send the users who click our ads is extremely crucial in the success of the campaign. We MUST have well placed and optimized content on that landing page, as well as clear Calls to Action (CTA’s) that tell the user what to do once they have arrived on our landing page. We use custom built landing pages, pre-existing landing pages (that we optimize on your site), internal platform landing pages, as well as ClickFunnels landing pages to capture sales, form leads and phone calls.

  • A/B Testing

    We ALWAYS run A/B tests on all of our ads. By testing ads against each other, it helps us identify exactly what verbiage, call to action (CTA), tag line or heading is performing the best. Once we have run the A/B test for each ad set, we then create a new A/B test to run against the winning ad for that ad set.

  • Reporting

    We provide weekly and monthly reports directly to your email. Also, with the dashboard, you can always check on the campaign and lead/sales generation 24/7. However, our reporting is designed to keep you aware of all of the progress that the campaign is generating weekly and then a consolidated monthly report to review with your project manager.