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Why it’s important to make the investment to be on top

Expedite Brand Awareness

Expedite Brand Awareness

We will bring awareness to your industry about your brand in a rapid time frame.

Increased Clicks

Increased Clicks

Our team of experts will implement a strategy to increase the number of clicks you receive.

Drive Conversions

Drive Conversions

The goal is to convert the traffic that comes to your website, that’s what we’ll do.


Google/Bing Search Ads:

A great compliment to your SEO strategy is to implement a search campaign that allows you to rank higher and quicker for related keywords in order to drive more conversions.

Google/Bing Shopping Ads:

Do you sell products online? Our team of savvy experts will feature ad campaigns that detail specific information about your desired products to sell.

Google/Bing Retargeting Ads:

We’ll re-engage potential customers from your website traffic that didn’t initially convert. Whether they are interested in your service or product, we’ll create and implement a campaign that will lead to more conversions.

Google/Bing Display Ads:

Our team of true experts will utilize the Google Display Network and/or Bing Network to put your business in front of the proper targeted audience.

Our Pay Per Click Process



We conduct thorough market & competitor analyses to determine where your business will gain the most market share within your industry’s digital landscape on Google AdWords and Bing Ads.



We determine exactly what your goals are (leads, sales, ROI) and create a full 6-12-month strategy based on factual data that will outline the exact methods we will implement to attain our goals.



We implement our custom strategies using various proven methods that have captured hundreds of thousands of leads and millions of dollars in revenue for our clients.

Optimize, Monitor & Test

Optimize, Monitor & Test

We bid daily on keywords, add negative keywords, optimize for high quality scores, improve controllable metrics (such as CTR, CPA, and overall daily spend), while monitoring traffic, lead generation and sales through our custom dashboard.

Here is a list of paid search management & optimization takes we
continually perform to drive maximum results

Building a Successful Ad Strategy – Ad campaigns that work

  • Game Planning

    We determine your exact goals, such as lead generation, sales, ROI, timeline and expectations. We determine the exact target market, online competition and market share we are going to capture. We determine what paid strategies would best fulfill your goals; whether that be Paid Search, Display, Retargeting, or Shopping and on what network would get the best results.

  • Research & Strategy

    We conduct thorough market and competitor analyses to determine exactly where your company exists in the digital landscape of your industry. We accrue hard data and facts. No guessing or opinions. We then build a strategy with exact services, target audience, market, budget (monthly & daily ad spend), and network/platform to execute the campaign.

  • Keyword Research

    We pull hundreds of potential keyword options and select only the most strategic keywords with high search volume and low competition. We want to target keywords that we KNOW has proven data for our desired goals. We will know right away what to expect to pay for each click (CPC) and set our bidding accordingly.

  • Campaign Creation

    We build the proper campaigns using successful strategies that have been proven in today’s PPC landscape. We accrue all of the data and build a comprehensive PPC campaign using only hard data and facts from the research.

  • Ad Group Optimization

    We then build the ad groups for each campaign we have created. There may be multiple campaigns targeting specific niches within a market, so we must have designated ad groups targeting specific keywords, GEO locations and audiences. We perform diligent ad groups for each campaign.

  • Ad Optimization

    The ads are just as significant as the campaign and ad group set up because this is what our end-user customers will see. This is executed by our creative team, as we come up with creative copy that uses strategic keyword placement within the ads to ensure that we have a high “quality score” for each keyword within the platform/network. Obviously, depending on the type of strategy we are employing, we also have our creative team creating custom imagery for display and retargeting ads, as well as for Google shopping ads.

The Attention to Detail – We focus on the details

  • Landing Page Optimization/Final URLs

    The landing page that we send the users who click our ads is extremely crucial in the success of the campaign. We MUST have well placed and optimized content on that landing page, as well as clear Calls to Action (CTA’s) that tell the user what to do once they have arrived on our landing page. We use custom built landing pages, pre-existing landing pages (that we optimize on your site), as well as ClickFunnels landing pages to capture sales, form leads and phone calls.

  • Negative Keywords

    Our Google Certified PPC experts create full daily lists of negative keywords and implement them into our campaign so that our ads are not compromised or triggered by keywords that will add no value to our campaign. We don’t want keywords for a completely different product or service triggering our ad and costing us valuable CPC’s.

  • Daily Keyword Bidding

    We are constantly bidding on keywords just like in the stock-market. Our Google Certified PPC Experts are in the campaign, ad groups and keywords daily ensuring that the ad spend is allocated properly and our ads are competitive with the competition. This ensures that we have the most ‘real-estate’ on the search page so that our ads are being as effective as possible.

  • A/B Testing

    We ALWAYS run A/B tests on all of our ads. By testing ads against each other, it helps us identify exactly what verbiage, call to action (CTA), tag line or heading is performing the best. Once we have run the A/B test for each ad set, we then create a new A/B test to run against the winning ad for that ad set.

  • Dashboard

    Our custom client-facing dashboard is your 24/7 portal to your entire digital marketing campaign. You will have access to all of your PPC campaigns in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics, KPI reports, weekly and monthly reporting, and much more. Check out more information on our Dashboard here!

  • Reporting

    We provide weekly and monthly reports directly to your email. Also, with the dashboard, you can always check on the campaign and lead/sales generation 24/7. However, our reporting is designed to keep you aware of all of the progress that the campaign is generating weekly and then a consolidated monthly report to review with your project manager.