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Why it’s important to generate brand awareness on the largest e-commerce platform

Increased Awareness

Tap into the largest e-commerce audience in the world.

Drive More Traffic

Use the largest online retailer to drive more buyers to your products or services.

Increase conversions

Our campaigns will utilize and leverage the largest online e-commerce retailer to bring more consumers to your products or services.

Our Amazon Process


We screen your brand and organization to take a deep dive into your vision, your who, and KPI’s to discover growth opportunities.

Content Creation

Our content team will build and optimize your branded content for your products or services.


Our team researches, strategizes, launches, and constantly manages your campaign.

Here are some key actions we take during our Amazon advertising campaigns to generate leads and sales.

Crafting a Successful Ad Strategy – Ad campaigns that work

  • Define your Goals

    Our team will make sure that we help establish your goals from the start which will assist us in choosing which products to advertise, campaign structure, analyze the proper data to give us the best chance for success.

  • Check your product pages

    We will make sure that your titles are very accurate with in-depth descriptions and high-quality and eye-catchy images. Then we will use relevant and useful product information that will allow for us to attract your true who. We will use a minimum five bullet points to give quick insights into your product or service to make it easier on your end consumers to know what they are getting. And one of the most important aspects of a great campaign is using strategic keywords.

The Attention to Detail – We focus on the details

  • A/B Testing

    We ALWAYS run A/B tests on all of our ads. By testing ads against each other, it helps us identify exactly what verbiage, call to action (CTA), tag line or heading is performing the best. Once we have run the A/B test for each ad set, we then create a new A/B test to run against the winning ad for that ad set.

  • Reporting

    We provide weekly and monthly reports directly to your email. Our reporting is designed to keep you aware of all of the progress that the campaign is generating weekly and then a consolidated monthly report to review with your project manager.