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Local Collective was a brand new business and needed SEO once we were finished designing and developing their new site. The client was opening multiple locations for their business, but we determined that the smart play was to focus on one location at a time so that we could allocate the correct budget that would ensure the best amount of return on their investment. By utilizing SEO, we were able to select strategic keywords with high search volume and minimal competition in 4 different cities surrounding the Local Collective office building in Minnesota. This allowed us to focus our efforts on generating new leads and business for the client while remaining competitive within their budget. We optimized the entire website and created new GEO pages for the cities that we were targeting. We focused on a heavy backlink profile, which has led to a substantion 300% increase in their domain authority. Within the first 6 months, we have generated substantial ROI, while also getting #1 ranking keywords in major cities that we targeted within Minnesota.

SEO Keyword Example

Keyword: Collaborative Workspace Eagan
Benchmark: #100 Ranking on Google and Bing
Result: #1 on Google and Bing Locally in Eagan

Website Design & Development

Local Collective did not have a website prior to joining forces with us at Ambrose Media. We discussed ideas and the tonality of their brand and created a brand-new custom WordPress website with all new imagery, layout, site structure and CTA’s that represents their brand perfectly. Being a new startup at the time, we had to ensure that their potential customers’ first impressions were appealing in order to get users to sign up for tours and provide personal information (lead generation). We completed that mission and Local Collective is extremely happy with the results.

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