Keith Craft | Case Study | Ambrose Media

Website Design & Development:

Keith Craft’s team came to us looking for us to design and build a website that would make an incredible first impression to their users and easy to navigate for current and future clients. So, our web design experts set out to build a cutting-edge, modern website that would highlight who Keith Craft is, his expertise, his services, and his products.

Portal and LMS

Keith Craft’s team wanted us to build a client portal that would give them the ability to update any information on their account. Such as, updating credit card information, changing their email and or password, searching and downloading invoices, changing or adding services, and contact support, and much more. We also designed and built an LMS (Learning Management System) that would give their clients an incredible experience. We built modules for each service that gives the clients access to special resources, class material, videos, and much more.

Shopify Store

They wanted us to design and build a Shopify store that would connect to the website so users could easily purchase all of Keith Craft’s product all in one place.

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