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Integrated Purpose Management was a startup and needed SEO once we completed designing and developing their new website. By implementing a data-driven SEO strategy, we were able to select strategic keywords with high search volume and minimal competition in 4 different cities surrounding the Integrated Purpose Management office. This allowed us to focus our efforts on generating new leads and business for the client while remaining competitive within their budget. We optimized the entire website and created new GEO pages for the cities that we were targeting. We focused on a heavy backlink profile, which has led to a 400% increase in their domain authority. Within the first 6 months, we have generated substantial ROI, while also getting #1 ranking keywords in major cities that we targeted within Texas.

SEO Keyword Example

Keyword: Communication Management in Project Management Dallas Tx Benchmark: 20+ Result: #1 on Google and Bing Locally in Dallas

Website Design & Development

Creative Gutter had a very old website prior to requesting a brand new custom WordPress website from us. We took the good aspects of their old site and completely redesigned and developed a new custom WP website with specific CTA’s, new site structure, new GEO pages, a new sitemap, new images, and much more for a relatively low expense. We have now seen the fruit of the new website because of the SEO campaign, the website is generating new leads daily.

Social Media Management

IPM wanted to establish brand awareness on one platform that would target their ideal client. Based on the market research by our social media management team, we discovered that LinkedIn would be the best platform. Our team intently posted during the days and times that the data showed to be the most effective – while also designing scroll-stopping images. We monitored the posts daily and made adjustments as we gathered more data and conducted more research.


6 Months

New Followers:






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